Pre-primary filing reports - LIVE

The nonpartisan Virginia Public Access Project has posted the pre-primary campaign finance disclosures that were due at 5 p.m. today. (Much thanks to the State Board of Elections for providing a post-deadline download.)

Candidate Search


Cuccinelli for Governor

McAuliffe for Governor


Democratic Candidates:

Chopra for Lt. Governor

Northam for Lt. Governor

Republican Nominee:

Jackson for Lt. Governor

Other Republican Candidates:

Davis for Lt. Governor

Lingamfelter for Lt. Governor

Martin for Lt. Governor

Snyder for Lt. Governor

Stewart for Lt. Governor

Stimpson for Lt. Governor



Democratic Candidates:

Fairfax for Attorney General

Herring for Attorney General 

Republican Nominee:

Obenshain for Attorney General

Other Republican Candidate:

Bell for Attorney General 


House of Delegates - Cash on Hand

Value-added data from the candidates' pre-primary reports will be available on later this week. This integrated data allows a number of sorts, including:

  • Sorting a candidate's donors by occupation
  • Viewing a candidate's donors by locality and ZIP code
  • Seeing each contributor's complete donor history back to 1997

June 3, 2013