Ind. Expenditures in Democratic Primary for Governor

A new group calling itself "Virginians for a Better Future" reported spending nearly $120,000 in online ads and direct mail in an effort to tip next Tuesday's Democratic gubernatorial primary toward Ralph Northam.

The group said its message was 75 percent in favor of Northam and 25 percent opposed to his opponent, Tom Perriello, according to an independent expenditure report filed with the State Department of Elections.

A teacher's union -- the National Education Association -- also jumped in with a $13,000 direct mail campaign in support of Northam.


As of Thursday morning, Virginians for a Better Future had filed no other paperwork with the state indicating the names of those involved or its donors. The next campaign finance deadline for PACs is in mid-July, one month after next Tuesday's primary elections.

An "independent expenditure" is money spent by individuals or groups to advocate for the election or defeat of a specific candidate. Anyone who spends more than $200 must file a disclosure report with the State Department of Elections. 

June 8, 2017