Official List of Qualified House Candidates

It's official: Two-thirds of the 100 House of Delegates seats will be contested this November, according to a list of certified candidates released Friday by the State Department of Elections.

That is twice as many seats as last year, but two short of the 69 seats that were contested in the pre-redistricting election of 2009.

The big change this year is the number of Republican-controlled seats that are contested:

There were few surprises in the list of qualified candidates released Friday by the State Department of Elections.

Changes from VPAP's unofficial list all include independent and third-party candidates:

  • HD 9 - Indpendent Justin Washer failed to qualify for the ballot. (Del. Charles Poindexter (R-Franklin County) faces a Democratic challenger.) 
  • HD 50 - Independent Ellenita Hellmer did not qualify for the ballot. (Del. Jackson Miller (R-Manassas) faces a Democratic challenger.)
  • HD 59 - Independent David Ball qualified as an independent (Del. Matt Farris (R-Campbell County) is now a four-way race)
  • HD 69 - Libertarian Jake Crocker has qualified for the ballot. (Del. Betsy Carr (D-Richmond) now now in a three-way race.)
  • HD 73 - Christopher Cowger has qualified as an independent. Another independent, Kevin Gary, who had announced his intent to run did not make the qualified candidate list. (That leaves Del. John O'Bannon (R-Henrico) in a three-way race.)

July 7, 2017