The Rise of 'Outside' Money

Virginia residents from both political parties used to be the largest group of donors to candidates for Governor. But in recent cycles, the top block of donors hail from outside the state -- partisan groups, labor unions and single-interest groups seeking to make their mark in Virginia.

Today, VPAP launched two sets of tools that provides perspective on the role that "Outside Groups" play in the Governor's race.

First, there is a data visualization that shows how the mix of donors has changed over the course of the last six election cycles.

Second, there are new pages on that detail how much money Republican Ed Gillespie and Democrat Ralph Northam have received from Outside Groups. You can click through to see the amount that each of these groups has given.

VPAP defines an "Outside Group" as a non-Virginia political party, labor union or organization that has given at least $5,000 to a candidate for Governor, Lt. Governor or Attorney General. The definition also includes Virginia groups that serve as a pass-through for money from affiliated national organizations.

Sept. 26, 2017

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