Elections Aren't the Only Thing Decided by Luck of the Draw

Of the six freshman Democrats appointed to the House Science and Technology Committee, Del. Chris Hurst has an edge when it comes to future chairmanships.

This is because Hurst drew the proverbial longest straw in a biennial rite to rank incoming legislators in seniority.

In late November, the 19 newly elected House members gathered in Richmond and pulled numbers out of a box to determine how they lined up in seniority. (This took place just before a more famous drawing -- when the State Board of Elections pulled Del. David Yancey's name out of a bowl to break a tie election in House District 94.)

In the seniority drawing, good fortune shined on Hurst, a freshman from Montgomery County in Southwest Virginia. He drew "82" -- the highest possible rank among the incoming House freshmen.

Here is how the drawing went:

82. Chris L.Hurst
83. Emily M. Brewer
84. Dawn M.Adams
85. Schuyler T. VanValkenburg
86. Elizabeth R. Guzman
87. Cheryl B. Turpin
88. Hala S.Ayala
89. Jerrauld  C. (Jay) Jones
90. Karrie K. Delaney
91. John J. McGuire III
92. Gwendolyn W. (Wendy) Gooditis
93. Kathy KL Tran
94. Lee J.Carter
95. Kelly K. Convirs-Fowler
96. David A.Reid
97. Jennifer D.Carroll Foy
98. Danica A. Roem
99. Robert M. (Bob) Thomas Jr.
100. Debra H. Rodman

The drawing can have major implications down the road, should committee or subcommittee positions become open. In the legislature, seniority can mean who holds the gavel.

For now, the most immediate impact is the license plate number assigned to each delegate. If you Del. Rodman on the road, that is why her plate reads "100."

As for Hurst? He is "82."

March 7, 2018

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