Sept 15 Reports

VPAP has posted campaign finance reports that were due today at 5 p.m.

These reports provide a look at money raised and spent by candidates for the House of Delegates and three statewide offices during the months of July and August.

Same Day Disclosures

The link above provides an A-Z list of candidates whose reports are available. Select a candidate, and you can see how much he/she raised during the period and sort their donations by donor name, date and amount.

Below are links to the reports for the major party candidates for statewide office:

Deeds for Governor (Raised $3.5 million during period.)

McDonnell for Governor (Raised $2.9 million during period)

Bolling for Lt. Governor (Raised $546,739 during period)

Wagner for Lt. Governor (Raised $636,074 during period)

Cuccinelli for Attorney General (Raised $617,381 during period)

Shannon for Attorney General (Raised $537,178 during period)

VPAP staff is working to integrate 25,000+ transactions from these reports into its database. For now, the transactions contained in the September 31 reports will be visible only on a few pages on


In the next 48 hours, VPAP staff will add value to the campaign finance information. This value-added work will allow visitors to sort the information in a number of ways, including:

  • Sorting a candidate's donors by occupation
  • Viewing a candidates donors by locality and ZIP Code
  • Seeing each contributor's complete donor history back to 1997

VPAP will make its value-added work available online according to the following schedule:

Statewide Candidates: Saturday, September 19

House Candidates: Sunday, September 20

Local Candidates: Monday, September 21

The next campaign filing deadline will be October 15.

Sept. 15, 2009