Your Guide to the 2019 General Assembly

The 2019 General Assembly convenes on January 9 -- and makes it easy to keep up with the latest news from Richmond.


BILLS BY ISSUE -- Follow bills related to the issues that matter to you.

MOST RECENT BILLS FILED -- Keep track of legislation posted each day.


VANEWS -- Sign up for this free, early-morning email compilation of newspaper articles about Virginia politics.

EMAIL ALERTS -- Be the first to know when posts visualizations and new information.


WHO ARE MY LEGISLATORS? -- Confirm the name of your Delegate and State Senate -- and get a list of bills they have introduced and analysis of their partisan vote history. 

PROFILE OF THE LEGISLATURE -- View collective attributes of the 140 men and women who represent Virginia's 8 million citizens.

Citizens' Guide

VISITING CAPITOL SQUARE -- Get practical tips about visting the Capitol -- parking, scheduling appointments and where to eat.  

Dec. 31, 2018

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