Changes in House Committee Assignments

House Speaker Kirk Cox announced Wednesday a first round of committee assignment changes. A second batch may be coming soon, once Del. Jennifer Boysko  who won a special Senate election on Tuesday  gives up her House committee assignments and moves across the state capitol to the State Senate.

The State Senate is waiting on Bosyko's arrival before updating its committee assignments.

Committees and subcommittees play a key role in the legislative process, serving as a place to debate bills and deciding which bills advance and which proposals are killed.

Here are committee changes in the 100-member House of Delegates:

Terry Austin (R-Botetourt County)

  • Assigned To Appropriations

Jeff Campbell (R-Smyth County)

  • Assigned to Military, Police & Public Safety
  • Removed from Health, Welfare and Institutions

Ronnie Campbell (R-Rockbridge County)

  • Assigned to Courts of Justice
  • Assigned to Militia, Police & Public Safety
  • Assigned to Science & Technology

Eileen Filler-Corn (D-Fairfax County)

  • Assigned To Rules
  • Removed from Transportation

Christopher Head (R-Roanoke County)

  • Assigned to Commerce & Labor
  • Assigned to Privileges & Elections
  • Removed from Appropriations
  • Removed from Science & Technology

Charniele Herring (D-Alexandria)

  • Assigned to Agriculture, Chesapeake & Natural Resources

Tim Hugo (R-Fairfax County)

  • Removed from Privileges & Elections

Danny Marshall (R-Danville)

  • Assigned to Rules

John McGuire (R-Goochland)

  • Assigned to Privileges & Elections

Joe McNamara (R-Roanoke County)

  • Assigned to Counties, Cities & Towns
  • Assigned to Finance
  • Assigned to Science & Technology

Chris Peace (R-Hanover County)

  • Removed from Science & Technology

Margaret Ransone (R-Westmoreland County)

  • Assigned to Courts of Justice

Roxann Robinson (R-Chesterfield County)

  • Assigned to Health, Welfare & Institutions

Luke Torian (D-Prince William County)

  • Removed from Agriculture, Chesapeake & Natural Resources

David Toscano (D-Charlottesville)

  • Assigned to Transportation
  • Removed from Rules

Tony Wilt (R-Rockingham County

  • Assigned to Commerce & Labor
  • Removed from Counties, Cities & Towns

Tommy Wright (R-Lunenburg County)

  • Named Chairman of Militia, Police & Public Safety



Jan. 10, 2019

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