Personal Finances: Top State Officials

The Virginia Public Access Project today posted the annual personal financial disclosure statements filed the state’s top three elected officials.  

State law requires Virginia’s elected officials to disclose free trips, gifts and personal financial data so the public can evaluate potential conflicts. 

Here are a few highlights:

  • Neither McDonnell, Bolling nor Cuccinelli appear to have significant personal wealth, particularly when it comes to Wall Street investments. McDonnell and Cuccinelli report no stocks, bonds or mutual funds worth more than $10,000. Bolling listed a single mutual fund valued between $10,001 and $50,000.
  • McDonnell reported nearly $44,000 in taxpayer-funded trips, including three overseas trade missions. That’s more than double the previous high of $18,000 in trips paid for by taxpayers since VPAP began tracking in 2006.

Coming soon: VPAP will post the personal financial disclosures of General Assembly members as soon as they are made available through the clerks of the House and Senate.

Jan. 30, 2012