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Guidelines for Underwriting and Day Sponsorships

Statements from VaNews day sponsors are intended to recognize and encourage financial support of VaNews. Day sponsor statements are not intended to be and may not be commercial advertising or a platform for political candidates or parties.

VaNews is a news compilation service aimed to educate the public, regardless of viewpoint. Sponsorship messages do not reflect the views of the Virginia Public Access Project, its Board of Directors, or its staff.

General Guidelines:

  • The statements will begin with the sponsor's name and include an additional message of up to 25 words
  • The sponsorship message will be limited to:
    • Statements of encouragement and support for VPAP.
    • Personal best wishes on an anniversary, birthday, special occasion, or other milestone.
    • Announcements of music festivals, athletic contests, and other events that are open to the public, excluding political events and political fundraisers.
    • Corporate slogans and commonly used taglines that are in well-established use by the sponsor, as long as wording stays within the spirit of these guidelines.
    • A short description of the sponsor and/or their product or service.
  • The statement may include a hypertext link, as long as the link is not to an e-commerce site or to webpages designed specifically to mobilize citizens on a particular issue.

Statements May Not Include:

  • Language that is comparative (better, most) or qualitative (wonderful, excellent).
  • Direct comparisons with other companies or products.
  • Inducements to buy, sell, or lease.
  • Calls to action ("Support HB 2302" or "Buy today").
  • Awards ("Voted best coffee house in McLean").
  • Promotions ("Mention this ad").
  • An endorsement of or opposition to a political candidate, elected representative, or political party.
  • No underwriting will be accepted from or include the name of a declared candidate for public office or an elected public official.
  • References to specific legislation, government regulations, judicial appointments, or court decisions.
  • Messages that are disparaging to an individual or group.
  • Messages intended to sway people in favor or in opposition of an issue.

Frequency of Sponsorships

  • At times other than during regular Virginia General Assembly sessions and other peak times, a sponsor may underwrite up to ten days per month, based on availability, and no more than five consecutive days. During the General Assembly session, the limit is five days per session and no more than two consecutive days.
  • To the extent possible, in scheduling ads, VPAP will give priority to ensuring that a variety of viewpoints are represented.

All copy, including corporate slogans, is subject to approval of the Virginia Public Access Project. VPAP reserves the right to refuse any day sponsorship.

For more information, contact David Poole at 804.353.4300 or