Fast Start for Youngkin's Inaugural Fundraising

A full public accounting of money raised and spent by Glenn Youngkin's inaugural committee won't be available until two months after the Republican is sworn in this Saturday as Virginia's 74th governor. But a law requiring more immediate disclosure of any donation of $10,000 or more makes it possible to compare his big-dollar fundraising with that of his three most immediate predecessors.

Sources: Donations of $10,000 or more dated by December 31 of the election year that the inaugural committees filed with the Board of Elections. Virginia law requires inaugural committees to disclose any donation of $10,000 or more within three business days of receipt.

Note: All incoming Governors, including Glenn Youngkin, can continue to receive donations on or after inaugural festivities take place. CLICK HERE for a complete list of large donations to Glenn Youngkin's inaugural committee, including those dated after 12/31/2021.