Disproportionate Load

Hispanics have borne the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic in Virginia. While they make up 10 percent of the population, Hispanics account for more than one-third of confirmed cases in which the race of persons tested were reported.

Hispanic - Individuals of any race who identify as “Hispanic or Latino”

Black - Non-Hispanics who identify as “Black or African American”

White - Non-Hispanics who identify as “White” alone

Asian or Pacific Islander- Non-Hispanics who identify as “Asian” or “Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander”

Other Race - Non-Hispanics who identify as "American Indian or Alaska Native" alone, “Other Race” alone, or two or more of the above races

Note: Data for COVID updated on 8/17. Excludes instances where race was not reported, accounting for 25,917 out of 107,421 cases.

Source: COVID data from Virginia Dept. of Health. Population estimates from US Census Bureau, 2018 American Community Survey.

Aug. 18, 2020