Off-Year Spending

How Virginia legislators spent campaign funds in 2018.

Source: Campaign finance disclosures covering activity during calendar year 2018 on file with the Department of Elections.

Methodology: VPAP tags each campaign expenditure with a purpose code based on description provided by candidates. This is an imprecise system, as the specificity of the descriptions varies widely.

The list does not include any member of the 2019 General Assembly who ran in a special election in 2018 or 2019.

Staff: Staff, interns, campaign consultants, payroll taxes. Does not include staff hired specifically for the General Assembly session.

Fundraising: Development consultants, fundraising event costs, direct mail aimed at fundraising, online payroll processing fees. Also includes all events costing more than $250 for which the purpose is not clear.

Direct Mail: Printing, postage, photography, graphic design. Excludes any mailing that is specifically for fundraising.

Web: Email communications, website development and management,

Meals and Travel: Meals, gasoline, mileage reimbursements, parking, tolls, hotels, airfare, taxi, transit fares and the cost of attending party or caucus events.

Political Donations: Contributions to other candidates, political parties or single-interest groups active in elected politics.

Other: All expenses not included in previously options. This includes things such as General Assembly session expenses, office rent, phones, donations to community groups, office supplies, etc.