Chesapeake: One Step Ahead

The City of Chesapeake appears to be the only Virginia locality that recorded for posterity results of the 2020 presidential election at the precinct level. Record-setting early voting in November made it impossible to know how well candidates did in each neighborhood. That's because localities tabluate early ballots in a 'central absentee precinct' -- not the precinct where the voter lives. But Chesapeake set up its ballots in a way that enabled it to assign early votes back to the proper precincts.

Move the slider to see the overall votes by precinct.

Overall Votes

Biden 55%
Trump 44%
Jorgensen 2%

Election Day

Biden 35%
Trump 63%
Jorgensen 3%

Source: Virginia Department of Elections and Chesapeake Electoral Board

Dec. 15, 2020