Sears, Miyares: Different Approaches to Fundraising

Two of Virginia's ranking Republican officeholders took very distinct approaches to political fundraising during their first year in office. Attorney General Jason Miyares toed the traditional line that relied heavily on the state's business interests and other donors in Virginia. Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears raised nearly 60 cents of every dollar from small donors and people who live outside Virginia. Choose one of five categories below to compare their 2022 fundraising.

Notes: Includes cash contributions, in-kind donations, loans, and un-itemized receipts reported in 2022. Totals above combined money raised by Sears (Winsome PAC and candidate committee) and Miyares (A Safer Virginia PAC and candidate committee). Excludes self-funding, donations to inaugural committees and transfers between committees controlled by the office holder.

Source: Virginia Dept. of Elections