Donors in Common

Four years ago, Democrats were locked in a gubernatorial nomination battle between an establishment favorite (Ralph Northam) and a progressive upstart (Tom Perriello). For this year's contest, VPAP has calculated what percentage of each candidate's donations so far have come from Northam or Perriello donors.

Share of total amount raised by 2021 candidates

Methodology: Contributions to 2021 candidates include only those made last year by individual donors. The calculations do not money from corporations or PACs. "Perriello Donors" are defined as individuals who donated to Perriello for Governor during 2017 but had not donated to any account associated with Ralph Northam from January 2016 to after the June 2017 primary. "Northam Donors" are defined as individuals who gave to any campaign associated with Ralph Northam between January 2016 and June 2017 and who did not donate to Perriello for Governor.

Source: Campaign finance reports on file with the Virginia Department of Elections.

Feb. 5, 2021