A Profile of Early Voters

Here's a few things we know about the more than 2.7 million Virginians who already have cast ballots in the November 3 election. All numbers are current as of October 31.



Early Voting Frequency

How many times voters had cast early votes in elections since 2012.

Likely Party

VPAP ran the list of early voters against data provided by L2 Political, a data modeling company used by campaigns and the media. L2's party affiliation projections are based on primary election voting history and personal consumer data that includes neighborhood, income and education. Affiliation is not a prediction of how people voted.

Partisan Change by Day

Note: Distinctive spikes on Saturdays suggest that Democratic voters are more likely to take advantage of extended weekend hours for early in-person voting.

Source: Virginia Department of Elections

Nov. 2, 2020