Pass or Fail?

The Fate of 2022 General Assembly Bills

There were 2,250 bills introduced in 2022, excluding commending and memorializing resolutions.

visual showing bill passage rate

Outcomes by Political Party

Bills Sponsored by Delegates

visual showing bill passage rate by party in the House

Bills Sponsored by Senators

visual showing bill passage rate by party in the Senate

Five-Year Trends

Bills passed

Percent of Bills Passed 4

Bills passed

Bills passed with More than 40% in Opposition

Bills passed

Bills Killed with No Recorded Vote

1 At the end of the 2022 session, there were 45 bills left in conference committees that could still be considered in a special session that will be called to reconcile the budget bills. These bills are not included in any of the other visuals.
2 These statistics are based on the roll-call vote for final passage in each chamber.
3 Calculations in the “where bills died” section exclude bills that were consolidated into related legislation.
4 Bills that did not pass include those incorporated into other bills and those carried over to the 2023 General Assembly.

Source: Virginia Legislative Information System