Gainers, Losers in Redistricting

Official data released Friday show how population changes in the last decade have pushed current congressional and state legislative districts above or below the ideal population. Slow-growth areas (purple) will lose representation, while fast-growing areas (brown) stand to gain.

The "Ideal population" is the number of people per legislative district if each district had identical population.
US Congressional Districts: 784,672 = 8,631,393 (Virginia population) / 11 (number of Congressional Districts)
State Senate Districts: 215,785 = 8,631,393 (Virginia population) / 40 (number of State Senators)
House of Delegates Districts: 86,314 = 8,631,393 (Virginia population) / 100 (number of Delegates)

Sources: United States Census Bureau, P.L. 94-171 Redistricting Data and Virginia Redistricting Commission adjusted population data after incarcerated persons reallocated to their last known Virginia address.