GOP Primary Turnout: 2018 v. 2017

Voter participation was down in the recent Republican U.S. Senate primary compared to last year's GOP gubernatorial primary. The ratio of votes cast was down most places, but up in some. For every 100 GOP primary ballots cast last June, how many were cast this June?

Methodology: VPAP compared the number of ballots cast per locality in the June 2017 Republican primary for Governor and the number of ballots cast in the June 2018 primary for U.S. Senate. The formula uses to calculate 2018 votes per every 100 votes cast in 2017 is as follows: (Number of 2018 ballots divided by number of 2017 ballots) times 100.
Source: State Department of Elections. 2018 totals are unofficial, based on returns displayed on elections department web site at 9:00 a.m. on June 19, 2018.