Midterm Results in SD7

With Republican Jen Kiggans headed to Washington, a special election will be held in the same state Senate district that elected her in 2019. The map below shows that Democrats carried Kiggans' Senate district in last week's congressional midterms. The district includes a swath of Virginia Beach (VA02) and two precincts in Norfolk (VA03).

Note:The map displays current precincts that fall within the SD7. The following four are "split precincts" that fall partially within the district's boundaries:

  • Norfolk: Azalea Gardens (91% of the precinct's land mass within the district)
  • Virginia Beach: Precinct 59 (95%)
  • Virginia Beach: Precinct 61 (96%)
  • Virginia Beach: Precinct 92 (93%)

Source: Virginia Department of Elections results from the November 8, 2022 general election.

Nov. 16, 2022