Money Follows Power

When in control of the House of Delegates, Republicans held an advantage in campaign donations from companies and business trade associations that lobby the General Assembly. The fundraising dynamics were reversed this year after Democrats seized the majority.

Business Donations to Key House Committees

For every $1 to Republicans, Democrats got:

GOP in Power
2012 31 Cents
2014 52 Cents
2016 41 Cents
2018 61 Cents
Democrats in Power
2020 $2.93

Methodology: VPAP calculated the average 'business donations' per legislator for each party on select committees in the first six months following a general election. We then divided the per capita Republican amount by the per capita Democratic amount to determine the ratio of Democratic donations to Republican donations. Committees included are: Labor and Commerce; General Laws; Appropriations; and Finance. VPAP defines a 'business donor' as any company or business trade association that had lobbyists registered during the annual legislative session of the year the donation was made. Time period is the first six months of the year following a general election.

Source: Campaign finance disclosures on file with Virginia Department of Elections and lobbyist registrations on file with Virginia Ethics Council.