Prohibition Lifted on In-Session Fundraising

Three dozen legislators did something this winter that hasn't been allowed in decades -- legally raise campaign contributions while the General Assembly was in session. A procedural standoff meant the final 20 days of lawmaking this winter took place under the rules of a "special" session, which do not include a prohibition on fundraising. For the record: Few legislators appear to have solicited companies that lobby the legislature.

In-Session Donations: Statewide Candidates Take the Lead

Those who took advantage of the loophole were led by legislators involved in nomination contests for Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General.

Chart showing candidates for state office raised $317,156 and other legislators raised $106,095

Contributions During Special Session by Candidate

bar chart comparing total amounts raised by house candidates or committees

* Candidate is running in statewide election.

# Was an announced candidate for statewide office during the General Assembly session, but later withdrew.

Note: The totals above represent donations reported from February 9 to February 28 by committees controlled by members of the 2021 General Assembly.

Source: Campaign finance disclosures on file with Virginia Department of Elections (as of Apr 20, 2021).

April 24, 2021