Recounts Rarely Change Outcomes

Two Hampton Roads area House Districts (HD85 and HD91) head to a recount that would leave the chamber split 50-50 if the results flipped. If history serves as a guide, Democratic incumbents Alex Askew and Martha Mugler face an uphill battle to secure the roughly 100 extra votes each one needs to keep their seats. VPAP looks back at several close 2017 House races that led to recounts -- none of which resulted in a change in outcome. The only close call was in HD94, where the recount ended in a tie and the winner's name was drawn out of a bowl. Four years ago, it was rare to see more than a dozen votes change hands in a recount.

2021 House of Delegates Recounts

A bar chart of 2021 House of Delegates races that will be recounted.

2017 House of Delegates Recounts

A bar chart of 2017 House of Delegates races that were recounted. A purple bar shows the margin before the recount followed by a teal bar showing the margin after the recount.

* Incumbent

Note: Winner denoted in bold.

Source: Virginia Department of Elections