Statewide Election Fundraising

The total money raised by each candidate for Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General in the first and second halves of 2020.

Note: Only includes candidates that have filed at least one campaign finance report in 2020. These candidates will file their first report in April 2021: S. de la Pena (Governor), G. Youngkin (Governor), and W. Sears (Lt. Governor)

Source: Campaign finance reports on file with the State Board of Elections covering activity for calendar year 2020. The amounts represent the "net" cash, in-kind and loans reported by all committees controlled by each candidate. "Net" receipts exclude any money transferred between committees controlled by the same candidate.

Note: VPAP did not receive a copy of year-end report form Tim Hugo for Lt. Governor. Glenn Davis for Lt. Governor filed a report that included a $348,423 in a donation from the candidate to pay off a loan from his 2017 campaign. VPAP did not include this loan repayment amount in the totals above.

Corrections: An earlier version of this visual over-stated money raised by Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jennifer McClellan. Correction was made at 10:50 am on 1/16/2021. The original version also over-stated money raised by Democratic Lt. Governor candidate Andria McClellan. This correction was made at 12:30 pm on 1/16/2021