Diversification of Virginia, 1990-2020

Methodology: The way Americans talk about race and ethnicity changed during this time frame. VPAP is using data that has been adjusted to get consistent racial categories, as the definitions used by the Census change over time. In addition, VPAP is using two groupings that have slightly different meanings depending on the decade selected:
Asian and Pacific Islander:

  • 1990: Asian or Pacific Islander alone (not of Hispanic origin)
  • 2000-2020: Asian alone (not Hispanic or Latino) and Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone (not Hispanic or Latino)
  • 1990: American Indian, Eskimo, or Aleut (not of Hispanic origin) and Other Race (not of Hispanic origin)
  • 2000-2020: Two or more races (not Hispanic or Latino), American Indian and Alaska Native alone (not Hispanic or Latino) and some other race alone (not Hispanic or Latino)

Source: IPUMS National Historical Geographic Information System, Table CY8

April 4, 2022