Value of Legislators' Investment Portfolios

Documents designed to disclose potential conflicts of interest also provide insight into the value of legislators' stock portfolios.

The disclosures are not detailed enough to provide market value of each legislator's portfolio. Rather, legislators assign a broad range to each stock, mutual fund or other security. The highest -- "More than $250,000" -- makes it impossible to determine the upper range of an investment.

The chart below does not consider other measures of wealth such as real estate.

Minimum Value of Securities Portfolios

Each circle represents a current legislator. Hover or tap for more information.

Source: Schedule C (Securities) from annual Statement of Economic Interests that General Assembly members filed February 1 with the Virginia Ethics Council.
Note: It's not possible to determine the upper range of a legislator's portfolio if they had at least one asset that fell into the range "More than $250,000."