Virginia's population growth stalls

Virginia added 630,000 people during the last decade, bringing the state's population to 8.6 million. But the growth rate of 7.9% was the slowest in decades, reflecting a national trend of lower population gains due to factors that include declining birth rates and fewer immigrants, according to Census data released Monday.

Virginia's population growth since 1960

Had Virginia grown at the same rate as it had in the previous decade (13%), Virginia would have added an extra 409,000 people -- equivalent to the combined population of Alexandria and the counties of Halifax, Montgomery and Stafford.

Line chart showing Virginia's population growth since 1960, with 2020 showing 8.6 million

Virginia's population growth relative to national average

bar chart showing relative change in virginia's population by year since 1960

Change in apportionment of congressional seats

map of US showing change in congressional seats

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

April 27, 2021