COVID-19 in Virginia

GOP Voters Turn to Mail Ballots

The coronavirus pandemic has made absentee voting by mail the safest way to participate in elections. Preliminary numbers show Republicans seeking to participate in a June 23 statewide primary to select a U.S. Senate nominee are taking advantage of the mail option in far greater numbers than they did in a similar election held two years ago.

Republican Primary Ballots by Mail, 2020 vs 2018

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Mail Ballots: June 23 GOP Senate Primary v. 2018

Fewer More than 2018 -->
2X 4X 8X 10x 15X 20X

Note: Numbers include mail ballots only. Calculation for map is as follows: 2020 Mail ballots divided by 2018 Mail ballots. Ballots shown are for the June Republican primaries which include the US Senate and Congressional Republican primary races.
June 2, 2020