Who have Trump donors given to?

VPAP has identified 360 Trump donors who also have given to Republicans vying this year for the party's gubernatorial nomination. This interactive visual shows the mix of small and large contributions those donors have made in this year's race through the end of March.

Source: Campaign finance reports on file with the Federal Election Commission and Virginia Department of Elections.

Methodology:VPAP geocoded the addresses to all donors to Donald Trump's 2020 re-election campaign and all known addresses of about 2,000 Virginia individuals who have donated to candidates running for the GOP nomination for Governor and their related committees. VPAP looked for matches with the exact same address and same last name. VPAP then looked at each record to ensure the two donors were the same person. In addition, VPAP did research to determine if any individual donors shared the same address with business donors to gubernatorial candidates. This additional research yielded a handful of additional donors. Because of the reliance on address matches, VPAP's methodology would have missed donors who were listed at one address in Trump disclosures and at another address in the disclosures of Virginia candidates.