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Higgins for Loudoun County Board of Supervisors - Geary


This committee is no longer active. Last report available was filed in 2019

Top Donors

All Years
Amount Donor
$18,200 Citizens for Virginia's Future
$12,500 Nova Building Industry Assn
$9,000 Higgins, Robert L
$9,000 Salimando, Joseph A
$6,500 Chaplow, Callie B
$6,500 Rensin, Lia C
$5,740 York for Loudoun County Board Chair - Scott (Rep)
$5,000 Northeastern Line
$5,000 Rensin, Lia C
$5,000 Roberts, B David
$5,000 Virginia Realtors
$4,700 Chaplow, Douglas
$4,500 Andrews, John Albert II
$3,500 Guerra, Maria Meehan
$3,250 Weshinskey, Mark L
$3,000 Va Conservative Alliance
$3,000 Walston, Dennis C
$2,500 Gilchrist, Michael
$2,499 Two Greens LLC
$2,250 Merritt, Jack H Jr
$2,113 Zurn for Loudoun County Treasurer - Roger
$2,100 Houston, Charles G
$2,050 Lieber, Gary L
$2,000 Breaux, Earl Paul Jr
$2,000 Craftsman Management Team LLC