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New Leadership Va Fund

Del. Frank Hall set up the New Leadership Virginia Fund when he was the Democratic floor leader to raise money on behalf of Democratic candidates.

This committee is no longer active. Last report available was filed in 2011


All Years
Amount Service
$280,235 Donations to Legislative Candidates
$182,780 Staff/Consultants
$97,034 Donations to Party Committees
$25,000 Refunded Donation
$19,645 Donations to Local Candidates
$19,301 Phones/Internet Access
$13,386 Mail/Printing/Postage
$10,623 Purpose Not Determined
$8,714 Travel/Meal Expenses
$8,140 Computers
$6,538 Legal/Accounting/Bank Fees
$5,416 Polling/Robo Calls
$5,300 Office Rent/Utilities
$4,000 Donations to Statewide Candidates
$3,914 Community Goodwill
$3,420 Donations to Single-Interest Groups
$2,624 Events/Catering
$2,100 Donations to Leadership Cttes
$1,500 Donations to Federal Candidates
$1,183 Fundraising
$1,149 Office Supplies
$350 State Board of Elections Fines
$304 Office Equipment
$65 Misc. Office Expenses
$45 GOTV
$33 Legislative Session
$25 Books/Subscriptions