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Snook for Charlottesville City Council - Lloyd


Top Donors

All Years
Amount Donor
$5,000 Grisham, John R
$5,000 Hewitt, Richard M
$5,000 Virginia Realtors
$2,832 Democratic Party - Charlottesville
$1,000* Carpenters Legislative Program of Greater Pennsylvania
$1,000 Carter, Elizabeth Blair
$1,000 Grisham, Renee
$1,000 Henke, Michael J
$1,000 Kuttner, Ludwig G
$1,000 Monticello Business Alliance
$1,000 Salter, Douglas
$1,000 Scott, Frederic William Jr
$1,000 Skinner, Jane-Ashley
$1,000 Virginia First
$648 Van Yahres, Margaret F
$500 Beller, George Allan
$500 Bocock, John H
$500 Booker, Sally Cary
$500 Brown, Jennifer J
$500 Cole, David B
$500 Eure, Chris
$500 Griffin, Katharine F
$500 Hanberry, Don
$500 Hingeley, James McCarrell Jr
$500 Murray, Matthew Brundred

*Includes donations — either transfers between committees controlled by the same candidate or from from so-called 527 groups — that may have been excluded from aggregated totals at the top of this page and on previous pages.