Mercer for Chesapeake School Board - Thomas

Party: Independent


This committee is no longer active. Last report available was filed in 2020


Expenditure information for 2014 and later.

Amount Vendor Date Description
$2,821 DeSigns Inc.- Chesapeake 3/24/2020 Check pays remaining balance of Invoice #24541
$2,500 DeSigns Inc.- Chesapeake 3/9/2020 Partial payment for campaign signs.
$1,169 Minuteman Press 4/16/2020 Design and printing of campaign mailers.
$639 Food Bank of Southeast Tidewater 6/19/2020 Donation for the balance in the campaign account. This activity will close the account.
$585 Precesion Printing 3/12/2020 1/4 payment for printing political palm cards.
$344 Republican Party of Chesapeake 4/2/2020 Part of total expense for mass mailing by the Republican Party of Chesapeake
$307 The Virginian-Pilot 5/13/2020 Political advertisement for upcoming local elections
$223 Friends of Debbie Ritter 3/20/2020 1/8/payment for printed flyers.
$155 Friends of Debbie Ritter 3/12/2020 1/8/share of costs for printing of political envelopes.
$145 Minuteman Press 3/12/2020 Design and printing of campaign envelopes.
$106 Republican Party of Chesapeake 5/13/2020 Voter signs to be placed at election polls