Ryan McDougle

Ryan McDougle has served in the State Senate since 2006.
Also served in the House of Delegates from 2002 to 2006.
Currently represents State Senate District 26
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Floor Vote Participation 99%
Close Votes 348
Abstentions 1
Present but Not Voting 9
Changed Votes 0
Voting Unity
Republican Caucus 90%

Political Party: Republican
(49% of legislators are Republican)

Race: Caucasian
(70% of legislators are Caucasian)

Gender: Male
(65% of legislators are male)

Age: 52
(20% of legislators are 46-55)

Length of Service: Member since 2024; 22 years of service
(6% of legislators have served for more than 20 years)

Margin of Victory: Won by 10% or More
(58% of legislators had this margin of victory in their last General Assembly election)

Birth State: Virginia
(50% of legislators were born outside of Virginia)

Region: District Office Area Code 804
(18% of legislators represent this region)

Education Level: Law Degree
(28% of legislators have similar education)

Undergrad Public / Private: State University
(52% of legislators have a similar undergraduate education)

Attorney: Yes
(27% of legislators are attorneys)

Military: Non-Military
(84% of legislators have a similar military background)

Occupation: Lawyers / Attorney, McDougle Law Firm PC
(21% of legislators have a similar occupation)

Stocks/Investments: Between $100,001 and $500,000
(27% of legislators have similar value of stocks/investments)

Real Estate: Owns property that generates rental income or used for business
(38% of legislators have similar real estate holdings)