Matters: All issues regarding business, oil and gas, and Western Refining.

Lobbyists Employed

  • Gould, S Leland

    1508 Lucyle Pl NW
    Albuquerque, NM 87114

    Registered: 5/1/2011
    Matters: All business issues and all oil and gas issues.
    Arrangement: Employed
    Job title: Director of Governmental Affairs

Lobbyists Retained

  • Kemper, John-Garrett
    Firm: Kemper Consulting Inc

    112 Granby St
    STE 400
    Norfolk, VA 23510

    (757) 627-1988

    Firm: Kemper Consulting Inc
    Matters: All matters of concern to Western Refining
    Arrangement: Retained

2011-2012 contact information for Giant Industries:

  • S Leland Gould
    1508 Lucyle Pl NW
    Albuquerque, NM 87114
    (480) 585-8881

Information on this page comes from public documents on file with the office of the Virginia Conflict of Interest and Ethics Advisory Council.