Sage Therapeutics

Matters: Health care and pharmaceuticals.

Lobbyists Employed

  • Bowman, Alice

    1446 Mariner Drive
    Arnold, MD 21012


    Registered: 6/26/2018
    Matters: Health care and pharmaceuticals
    Arrangement: Employed
    Job title: Director, Government Accounts

  • Ley, Kenneth

    2074 Poplar Lane
    Buford, GA 30518


    Registered: 5/1/2018
    Matters: Engage with State Legislators, any elected State Officials, Agency OfficialsTrack House BillsProvide Quarterly Updates on relevant Healthcare House BillsGrass Roots Advocacy at State LevelInfluence legislative or administrative actions around coverage or coding of Sage Products
    Arrangement: Employed
    Job title: Director, Government Payer Accounts, Market Access

2018-2019 contact information for Sage Therapeutics:

  • Daryl Kreml
    215 First Street
    Cambridge, MA 02142


Information on this page comes from public documents on file with the office of the Virginia Conflict of Interest and Ethics Advisory Council.