Victoria Young


Victoria Young is affiliated with the following clients:

  • Envigo Holdings Inc

    Registered: 1/27/2020

    Matters: Legislation regarding commercial dog breeding

    Arrangement: Retained

  • Virginians for the Arts

    Registered: 1/3/2020

    Matters: Matters related to funding for the arts

    Arrangement: Retained

  • Volkswagen of America Inc

    Registered: 12/10/2019

    Matters: Matters related to auto manufacturing such as transportation/energy/fuels, air quality, dealer franchise, alternative fuel vehicles (diesel, electric, hybrid, etc.) technology privacy, intellectual property, finance/credit

    Arrangement: Retained

Victoria Young is affiliated with the following firms:

Contact Information

800 E Canal Street
Richmond, VA 23219


Current as of Jan. 30, 2020