Rodney Bernard Thomas

Rodney Bernard Thomas is affiliated with the following clients:

  • NAACP - State Conference

    Registered: 12/28/2015

    Matters: Will be lobbying on behalf of the VA-NAACP for the following as proclaimed in its 2014 & 2015 State Convention Resolutions: Expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act; Employment & Procurement Opportunities at State supported Colleges & Universities as well w/ State Government agencies; Support for Moral Monday; end to cuts and restrictions in unemployment benefits, public education, new voter identification requirements, restriction on access to abortion; and those laws of the Commonwealth deemed not in the best interest of people of color residing or working in Virginia.

    Arrangement: Retained

Contact Information

1214 W Graham Road
Suite 2A
Richmond, VA 23220


Current as of Dec. 28, 2015