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75 Donors Gave $87,100

Amount Donor
$10,125 Hayes, Timothy G (Bruington)
$9,190 Havens, Karla S (Shacklefords)
$6,791 Tidewater Foxhunter Assn (Center Cross)
$5,925 Havens, Kirk J (Shacklefords)
$5,740 Republican Party - King & Queen County (King And Queen Court House)
$4,719 Campbell, Karen (Mattaponi)
$4,657 Massey, William S (Shacklefords)
$3,750 Thomas, Norman A (Shacklefords)
$3,050 Jennings, Kevin (Mattaponi)
$2,227 Democratic Party - King and Queen County (Walkerton)
$2,000 Fulk, Rick (Shacklefords)
$1,735 Massey, William U (Mattaponi)
$1,450 Sydnor, Clement A III (Stevensville)
$1,350 Swilley, Nancy (Mattaponi)
$1,330 Rilee, William H (Shacklefords)
$1,300 Ball, Robert H (Bruington)
$1,282 Alsop, Sherrin C (Newtown)
$1,240 Pollard, Annie R (Saint Stephens Church)
$1,146 Mid-Atlantic Resource Consulting (Shacklefords)
$1,005 Butcher, Ava Joan (Shacklefords)

METHODOLOGY: In calculating top donors, VPAP excludes certain receipts. These exclusions are: i) transfers between committees controlled by the same candidate; ii) corporate donations from a company to its PAC; and iii) contributions made to 527 committees. For this reason, dollar totals on this page will be lower than the total displayed on a specific donor’s profile page.