Independent Expenditures

Value Group or Person Making Expense
$4,174,345 US Dem - Congressional Campaign (DCCC)
$3,306,423 Congressional Leadership Fund
$2,470,363 National Republican Congressional Committee
$1,675,254 House Majority PAC
$756,841 Conservative Solutions PAC
$357,276 Planned Parenthood Votes
$172,919 Keep The Promise PAC
$113,004 League of Conservation Voters
$105,788 Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions, Inc.
$96,723 Americans for Responsible Solutions
$77,978 Defending Main Street
$68,155 Casa in Action
$63,159 National Rifle Association
$37,733 State Conservative Reform Action PAC
$35,061 Values are Vital
$33,954 Freedom and Fairness VA
$21,014 Tea Party Majority Fund
$18,912 Our Principles PAC
$14,585 Priorities USA Action
$10,700 Fair & Just Virginia PAC

Transactions above represent a combination of "independent expenditure reports" seeking to influence elections in Virginia that were filed with the Virginia State Board of Elections and Federal Election Commission. By definition, "Independent Expenditures" are for communications that advocate for the election or defeat of a specific candidate without coordinating with a campaign.