House of Delegates District 85

City/County Outlines

Current district took effect on April 29, 2011

Effect on Partisan Performance

This district would become less Republican as a result of the 2018 Chris Jones Plan.

Dem Rep Spread
Current District 36.0% 64.0% 27.9 R
2018 Chris Jones Plan 37.6% 62.4% 24.7 R
Shift +3.2 D

Change in Partisan Performance measures the change in the gap between the Republican and Democratic candidates if the 2009 Governor's election had been held in the proposed district boundaries. Source: Virginia Division of Legislative Services calculation.

Demographics: Race


Demographics: Hispanic/Latino

The US Census Bureau does not consider Hispanic/Latino to be a race. The Hispanic/Latino community is made up of many races, including white, black and Native American.

Source: 2010 Census data