Integrated year-end statewide disclosures

VPAP has posted value-added information from statewide candidates' year-end campaign finance disclosures. (General Assembly candidates and PACs will be available tomorrow.)

This integrated data allows a number of sorts, including:
  • Sorting a candidate's donors by occupation
  • Viewing a candidate's donors by locality and ZIP code
  • Seeing each contributor's complete donor history back to 1997

Top donors to statewide candidates
Cash on hand


Ken Cuccinelli
Terry McAuliffe


Top Donors to Lt. Governor candidates: 


Top Donors to Attorney General candidates: 

VPAP will post General Assembly data Friday. On Monday, VPAP will begin posting candidate reports from the localities where it tracks money in local races. For a complete list of cities and counties, read about the Local Elections Initiative.

Jan. 17, 2013