New Feature: TV Buys in Governor's Race

The nonpartisan Virginia Public Access Project is partnering with a national media resarch company to provide unique insights into how the two major party candidates for Governor are battling for voters attention ahead of the November 7 election.

Each week, VPAP will update how much money the candidates—and their allies—are spending to buy airtime in Virginia's four largest broadcast TV markets.


On, you can filter the data three different ways:

  • Candidate or Political Group
  • Time Period
  • Media Market (Washington, Richmond, Hampton Roads, Roanoke)

In the past, VPAP had compiled this information from documents posted online by the Federal Communications Commission, which requires TV stations to detail airtime purchases by candidates and political groups.

VPAP is now partnering with Kantar Media, a global company specializing in media monitoring and data. And for the first time, the data includes buys made at broadcast stations other than the four major networks.

This free, public service is part of VPAP's nonprofit, nonpartisann mission to open a window into Virginia politics. 

Oct. 12, 2017

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