Republican Gains in Chesapeake

In a trending blue Chesapeake, Glenn Youngkin increased Republican voter support in all but one precinct, compared to 2020. Enhanced election results data provided by Chesapeake put early voters back into their precincts, giving insight into how the locality performed overall.

Source: Chesapeake City Office of Elections and Virginia Department of Elections

Methodology: Chesapeake City reapportioned all absentee ballots back to their home precinct, making it possible to determine the full results per precinct for all November 2021 races. VPAP used this data to then compare the change in partisan spread from the 2020 Presidential race. VPAP used the 2020 Presidential election because 1. Chesapeake also reapportioned all absentee ballots in 2020 back to their home precinct and 2. about half of the precincts changed significantly enough in 2019 to make it difficult to compare any elections prior. The exact formula used to determine the shift is (2021 Youngkin % minus 2021 McAuliffe %) minus (2020 Trump % minus 2020 Biden %).