House Republican Campaign Committee

The House Republican Campaign Committee was set up to raise money by members of the GOP Caucus in the House of Delegates after the breakup of the Joint Republican Caucus fundraising efforts in 2004.

Donors by Occupation

All Years
Amount Industry Sector
$1,592,509 Political
$1,176,622 Energy, Natural Resources
$1,121,690 Financial Services
$1,068,842 Technology, Communication
$1,040,318 Health Care
$1,036,490 Law
$896,278 Retail, Services
$719,512 Real Estate/Construction
$613,347 Transportation
$552,165 Agriculture
$142,439 Public Employees
$116,606 Defense
$88,530 Single-Issue Groups
$53,091 Miscellaneous
$21,246 Manufacturing
$4,617 Undetermined