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Restoration Fund

The Restoration Fund is a 527 committee to collect funds to help pay for Governor McDonnell's legal expenses.


Top Donors

All Years
Amount Donor
$50,000 Gilliam, Richard Baxter
$25,000 Schar, Dwight C
$20,000 Malek, Frederic V
$19,500 Rocovich, John G Jr
$15,000 Cheng, James S
$10,000 A-1 American Services
$10,000 Augustine, Edward G
$10,000 Holtzman, William B
$10,000 Kirk, Randal J
$10,000 Marquez, Dario O Jr
$10,000 Romney, Mitt
$9,500 Olivieri, Richard E
$7,500 Bennett, Micheal Edward
$7,500 Colgate, Curtis Dixon
$7,500 Kitco Fiber Optics Inc
$6,500 Baldwin, Stanley Forrest
$6,000 Smith, Steven Curtis
$5,500 Napolitano, Frederick J
$5,000 Ballard, Stephen B Jr
$5,000 Barker, Charles G
$5,000 Bishard, John K
$5,000 Dean, William H
$5,000 Ellmer, Dennis M
$5,000 Franklin, W Taylor
$5,000 Franklin, Wendell C