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Restoration Fund

The Restoration Fund is a 527 committee to collect funds to help pay for Governor McDonnell's legal expenses.


Top Donors

All Years
Amount Donor
$2,500 Davis, Jeannemarie
$2,500 Dreyfus, Mark
$2,500 Hoffler, Daniel A
$2,500 JES Construction Inc
$2,500 Lester, Harry T
$2,500 Maroon, Robert
$2,500 McLeskey, Cheryl P
$2,500 Overton, Jeffrey
$2,500 Perry, Joseph Douglas
$2,500 Robertson, Adelia E
$2,500 Thumel, William H Jr
$2,500 Young, David L
$2,300 Beall, John J Jr
$2,000 Chapman, James Long IV
$2,000 Daughtery, Thomas Nancy
$2,000 Haddad, Louis S
$2,000 Hubbard, Thomas Joseph
$2,000 Rhode, Bryan Michael
$2,000 Shannon, John S
$2,000 Tucker, Brian F
$1,500 Baise, Gary H
$1,500 Boyd, James M
$1,500 Davis, Maudie Lee
$1,500 Halsey, Brenton S
$1,500 Matney, John K