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Norfolk man arrested on charge of threatening Speaker of the House Eileen Filler-Corn

By JUSTIN MATTINGLY, Richmond Times-Dispatch (Access to this article limited to subscribers)

A Norfolk man was arrested Thursday on a felony charge of threatening House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn, D-Fairfax, Virginia Capitol Police announced. Stephen J. Hartzell, 23, of Norfolk, was arrested after making a post on Filler-Corn’s Facebook page on Feb. 12, authorities said.

VaNews February 21, 2020

Lawmakers should exercise caution with state budget

Virginian-Pilot Editorial (Metered Paywall - 2 articles a month)

Virginia’s fluid politics notwithstanding — the transition from bleating red to urgent blue, the oh-so-obvious ascendency of liberalism and engagement accompanying the relative decline of tradition and restraint — one political imperative endures: Be responsible with the public’s money. Or, alternatively, don’t be stupid with the public’s money.

VaNews February 21, 2020

Statue of archsegregationist remains in Capitol Square


Richmond and other Virginia localities are on track to gain permission from the General Assembly to take down Confederate statues. But just as there is no threat to a Confederate shrine inside the State Capitol, the Democratic-controlled legislature has abandoned any effort to remove a statue paying tribute to a top Virginia defender of racial segregation that stands on the Capitol grounds.

VaNews February 21, 2020

In 1933, two rebellious women bought a home in Virginia’s woods. Then the CIA moved in.

By JESSICA CONTRERA AND GILLIAN BROCKELL, Washington Post (Metered Paywall - 3 articles a month)

Before the spies came, the house was perfect. Five thousand square feet, wide windows, a grand staircase, a front porch with a panoramic view of nature. The year was 1933, and Northern Virginia was still the countryside, even with Washington just across the Potomac. So it was the ideal retreat for Florence Thorne and Margaret Scattergood, two pioneers of the American labor movement who defied the gender expectations of their time.

VaNews February 21, 2020

Biden picks up series of endorsements from Hampton leaders

By MATT JONES, Daily Press (Metered Paywall - 1 article a month)

Joe Biden’s campaign announced Thursday that it had picked up 32 new endorsements in Virginia, according to a news release from the campaign, including three of the seven members of the Hampton City Council.

VaNews February 21, 2020

Private schools concerned about ramifications of Virginia Values Act

By JUSTIN MATTINGLY, Richmond Times-Dispatch (Access to this article limited to subscribers)

As the Virginia legislature moves forward with protections for LGBTQ residents, private schools in the state are worried that the new law could infringe on their religious freedoms. The Virginia Values Act, which has passed the House of Delegates and the Senate, would create new nondiscrimination protections for members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) community

VaNews February 21, 2020

Virginia House and Senate adopt budgets, prepare for battle

By MICHAEL MARTZ, Richmond Times-Dispatch (Access to this article limited to subscribers)

Democrats in the House and Senate on Thursday used their new majorities to sweep aside Republican objections and adopt a pair of state budgets that focus on political priorities such as education, public employee compensation, transportation, climate change and a proposed increase in the minimum wage for workers.

VaNews February 21, 2020

Secession fever spikes in five states as conservatives seek to escape blue rule


You’ve got Oregonians seeking to cascade into Idaho, Virginians who identify as West Virginians, Illinoians fighting to escape Chicago, Californians dreaming of starting a 51st state, and New Yorkers who think three states are better than one.

VaNews February 21, 2020

Conference committee will likely resolve differences in casino bills

By DAVID MCGEE, Bristol Herald Courier (Metered Paywall - 15 articles a month)

Two similar bills to allow casinos by referendums continue moving through the Virginia General Assembly, but a committee will likely have to resolve their differences. On Thursday, the House of Delegates held second reading on a substitute version of Senate Bill 36, advancing the bill for third reading.

VaNews February 21, 2020

South Hill sued for info on town manager

By SUSAN KYTE, Mecklenburg Sun

The Town of South Hill has been sued under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act by a Richmond-area lawyer who is demanding the disclosure of documents related to “complaints from citizens or third parties” about Town Manager Kim Callis. Midlothian attorney Richard Hawkins filed the lawsuit Thursday

VaNews February 21, 2020