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York supervisors: Legislative concerns may fall on deaf ears

By TYLER BELL, Daily Press (Metered Paywall - 1 article a month)

The York County Board of Supervisors is developing their 2017 legislative priorities, but will legislators care? Discussion on the county's legislative priorities turned to discussion over whether anybody in the legislature would listen during the board's work session Tuesday. "We've gone through this for the last 21 years and nothing happens," said Supervisor Walter Zaremba, District 1,

VaNews August 3, 2016

Candidates take boat trip

By ALYSSA ESPOSITO, Suffolk News Herald

General Assembly candidates were aboard the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s “Jenny S” on Friday as it glided along the Warwick and James rivers. “Hopefully we can impact the people that make the decisions,” said Chesapeake Bay Foundation intern Emily Brooks.

VaNews September 21, 2015